• Image of Cloud Wall Decoration


This wall hanging is made of 100% medium-weight cotton fabric; hand painted/ hand-brushed with water-based screen-printed ink (which is safe for kids and have soft-hand feel), stuffed with eco fill stuffing for pillows and dolls and finished with 100% cotton yarns as its rain drops.

Each cloud includes hook sleeve to their back face.

Dimension of cloud: approx. 240m x 340mm (not including the yarns)
Yarn length are varied with the longest to be approx. 330mm

As it is handmade with handpainted fabric, there will be variation between one and another. Not one is the identical. But that is what makes it so special :)


note: to de-kink or clean the cotton yarns, light taps with damp clothes and carefully iron them (warm iron setting) whilst damp. Keep them vertical or lay straight to dry.

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